Golden Bracers

Power Draining, "cursed" bracers


80 HP

75% Arcane Magic Failure
25% Damage dealt with unarmed strike
Can move normally: Doesn’t limit free actions
-2 grapple checks (-4 large, -1 tiny)
Absorbs 25% of damage done with an unarmed strike as health

  • Deals same damage to host

If damage done directly to it, magical or otherwise, the damage is siphoned off from the host as health, though at a slower rate than was dealt.


These bracers are used by the soldiers of Cyrill to weaken their prisoners. These bracers absorb the life force from their host, preventing their destruction through damage. A specific key can unlock them, though breaking a key while attempting an unlock causes the bracers to seal up. However, they do provide some protection from wounds, preventing the prisoners from dying due to a simple beating.

Currently, these bracers are equipped to Tarkhun, and have been sealed due to a mishap with Kole and the key.

Ersatz tested the strength of the bracers, proving that they will continue to absorb energy from the host until they are removed. He also theorized that instead of being destroyed, they will kill the host.

Gnarl made mention of the possibility of “pairs” of magical items, especially powerful ones such as the bracers.

Golden Bracers

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