Tall, covered from head to toe with robes and a mask, Kole is shrouded in mystery. Neither his appearance nor his past is known.


Not much is known about Kole’s past except that even he cannot remember it. He has a strange love-hate relationship with the gnomes of the desert, with him frequently criticizing and complaining about them while also frequently going to their “Gnome Home,” their cave system in the desert mountains. He stands 7 feet tall, making it extremely interesting that he is so light on his feet, and he wears a mask to cover his face and robes and a head wrap to cover the rest of his body. He has demonstrated his affinity for longswords and his emphasis on keeping his word several times, yet he opts to distance himself from his party, willingly separating from them to pursue other missions on multiple occasions. His average intelligence has lead to several instances of distraction and failure to notice important details, even when they should be obvious.

His past is mysterious, even to Kole himself. He awoke one day in the desert, surrounded by gnomes. This much is known. He has also said that the gnomes “took everything” from him, leaving him with a face that “the world neither wants nor needs to see,” leading him to wear a metal mask. His eyes seem to glow gently behind the holes in the mask. Though his figure is imposing, Kole is plagued with self-loathing, leading him to lash out at anybody who tries to unmask him (both literally and figuratively). These self-esteem issues are the primary motivation behind his extra-professional relationships, with his friends being people that don’t make him feel worse about himself and his rivals/enemies being people who get in the way of his self-improvement.

Kole is hellbent on delivering justice to the lord of the land, citing the many crimes as his motivation for joining the rebellion. Although he doesn’t always contribute as much as others, he certainly tries his best and occasionally shines through as someone who contributes.


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