Carte Blanche

Wolves in the Woods

Separately, Raelyn tracked the blood trail through the darkened trees, not realizing just how far the group was behind her. The others all managed to follow the same path, but just barely. Everyone heard growlings and saw things moving through the trees, but nobody was able to get a read on exactly what was going on. After a bit of trekking, Raelyn managed to reach what seemed to be the center of the grove: a clearing ringed by trees and hungry looking wolf-like creatures, with what appeared to be a yellow puff of fur in the middle. Noting that the creatures weren’t attacking, Raelyn took a hesitant step forward, into the clearing, then another, until she was close enough to examine the puffball up close. By this point, the rest of the group had caught up, and Illrith began to magically examine the region to determine why the wolf-creatures weren’t attacking. Just then, the creatures ran at Raelyn and the puffball, which turned out to be a blonde wolf cub. The rest of the group jumped in to help Raelyn fight off the attackers, and Illrith as well after she determined that some sort of Abjuration had been present before the group arrived and interfered.

After a tough battle against the pack, there were only a corpses and a few dazed creatures (thanks to Google) left, so the group made their escape… Only to realize a few minutes in that they were all going in a completely incorrect direction. Thankfully, they realized their mistake quickly, and managed to find the trail of blood droplets back to edge of town, just as the moon began to set.



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