Carte Blanche

The Big Battle

Unlike the previous night, everyone slept very peacefully, except for Kole, who instead chose to keep watch over Raelyn and Ragnarok. As the sun rose, the party awakened. All, except for Ragnarok. Though Kole attempted to awaken the little one, he only failed. The rest of the group didn’t seem to mind too much though, so they went outside. Kole tried to get Kars to help before she left, but Sirrush eyed the little morsel, so Kars rushed the hungry boy out and away. Kole then finds a battle-ready Jeremy, who takes her to the cellar for protection. Kole and Jeremy then leave the inn, which Jeremy locks behind them. Before they leave, Illrith asks Jeremy about who else will be aiding in the fight, and Jeremy says their two allies will be waiting for them. Tarkhun tries to “recruit” citizens to help defend the town, but Illrith talks him down, and everyone heads to the southern edge of town.

When they get out of town, they see two familiar figures: Gnarl, the magic weapon shopkeep, and Robyn, the secretary for the Town Council. After the initial shock of not having much help, the group noticed that a wave of smoke was heading towards them: The military was coming, and the fire that came with them. The force came in waves, but the group held them off fairly easily. Until the last round. Along with more footsoldiers and archers were two men that stood out: a cocky Sorcerer and a stoic Soldier, who obviously led the troops. The sorcerer taunted the group, asking about the missing Pseudodragon. While Raelyn hid so as to not reveal herself to these new enemies, Tarkhun slammed the sorcerer, who then pulled out a scroll and vanished. The Soldier then pulled out a black card and summoned the Chariot Arcana, creating a black aura that surrounded him and his allies that caused most attacks to miss. After a long battle, Kars managed to slice through the aura, killing the soldier.

As Kars watched, a white card materialized and floated toward her, and she grabbed it, tucking it away. Illrith ran back to Jeremy as everyone started looting the fallen bodies and cut out Jeremy’s heart, placing it in a jar with some preserving salts. After taking some personal effects, she cremated his body in the wall of flame the sorcerer left behind. Robyn seemed especially torn up about it, so Gnarl decided to escort her back to town.

After everyone was done collecting, they headed back to Grue as well, passing Jeremy’s Inn along the way. They soon arrived at the Town Hall, where Gnarl and Robyn were reporting to the Mayor and his Council. The mayor was overjoyed at their success granting them each a (rather small) amount of gold as recompense. As they prepared to exit, however, Robyn called them to her desk, telling them she had a real reward for them, as she knew Jeremy would have wanted.



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