Carte Blanche


[I’m actually a bit fuzzy on the order of some stuff here, but if you guys remember something specific, let me know and I’ll fix it.]

While Illrith tranced and Kars and Sirrush slept peacefully, the rest of the group did not. Tarkhun dreamed about the day he was captured, Ragnarok dreamed about finding a mate, and Raelyn dreamed about the Great Tree. Kole, like the nights before, did not sleep, instead choosing to explore the inn and the surrounding area in the night. In the bookstore, Kole found a book, History of Grue, which gleaned useful knowledge on how the group could win over the Town Council. Raelyn, who sporadically woke up through the night, witnessed Kole leave, and subsequently re-enter, the room. Figuring something was up, she watched as Kole tucked Ragnarok in, petting her a bit. Growing bored, she went back to sleep. At that point, Tarkhun’s, Raelyn’s, and Ragnarok’s dreams all grew very strange, with each of them seeing and breaking some sort of glowing colored rune before falling into an endless void.

The three dreamers woke up screaming, waking Kars and Sirrush. Illrith, who had already finished her trance, ran to check on Tarkhun, while Kole tried to calm Ragnarok and Raelyn. Though the minotaur settled down relatively quickly, the pseudodragon and the centaur were about ready to kill each other. However, when Ragnarok tried to threaten Raelyn, both through mind speak and through her native Draconian language, she found she could not. Though she could still communicate mentally to Kole, she lost many of her mental powers and could suddenly only speak in Common. Raelyn and Kole both guessed it had something to do with the symbol that appeared on her forehead overnight.

After everyone relaxed, they all decided to head straight to Town Hall. Raelyn hung back with a cover, though, and slipped away, hoping to catch up to her original party. Unfortunately, she soon came across signs of a fight which she followed into a nearby patch of trees. There she found one of her compatriots, dead, being eaten by a lone harpy. Though Raelyn tried to fight it, the harpy soon screeched for backup, and Raelyn had to retreat.

While this was happening, the rest of the group arrived and entered Town Hall. The entryway was spacious, but empty. At the other end was a desk between two sets of stairs leading to a landing with large, oaken double doors. Behind the desk sat a young secretary named Robyn, who tried to tell the group that the Town Council was in session, so they could not enter. The party disregarded her, however, instead barging into the meeting in the most dramatic way possible. Shocked by their entrance and appearance, the Council, composed of the Mayor and two representatives from each of the districts of Prospit and Derse, allowed them to present their case. After some time, the council seemed very torn, with Prospit wanting to protect the citizens without fighting and Derse wanting to fight but not trusting the “outsiders”. Together, Illrith and Kars finally were able to convince the Council to warn the citizens to hide while asking for volunteers to fight.

Happy with their success, but knowing they needed to prepare, the group split up to buy some supplies, with Tarkhun, Ragnarok, and Kole heading to Derse, and Illrith and Kars going back to Prospit. The two women examined potions, oils, and some weaponry, but couldn’t buy much and quickly finished. They soon ran into Raelyn while out and about, and the three went back to the inn, Sirrush grumbling all the while. The others had a more…interesting afternoon.

Kole told his comrades that he had seen at least one magical gear shop while being led around by the illusion the day before. They soon arrived at an accessory shop, but the proprietor was well more than drunk, soon passing out after welcoming them in. Ragnarok noticed his magical accessories and advised Kole on stealing his rings and amulet before the three left. Down the road was another shop, this time specializing in weaponry. Inside they met Gnarl, the Lizardfolk proprietor. While Gnarl attempted to find weapons suitable for the size-varied group, Kole’s and Ragnarok’s eyes were again caught by the glittering displays. As Gnarl went to the back room to look up information on Tarkhun’s bracers, the other two attempted to pick the locks to two separate displays. Kole was successful, quickly casting invisibility on his prize sword; Ragnarok was not so lucky, triggering a trap that held her entire foreleg to the lock. Gnarl kicked them all out, furious at the attempt. Kole sent the other two back to the inn before re-entering. After “suggesting” an apology, he and Gnarl briefly talked about swords and history before Kole finally headed back.

When everyone had finally returned, the group quickly discussed plans for the coming day. A battle was afoot, but the group was still in disagreement about actually fighting. Deciding they would determine the threat in the morning, everyone headed for bed. In a last ditch effort to remove the bracers, Kole tested his new blade, and by luck managed to activate its powers: lightning. Though the spectacle amazed Tarkhun, it did more harm than good, as attacking the bracers had the same effect as Tarkhun’s attempts, so the two separated for the night.



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