Carte Blanche

[A lot of stuff has happened in this world, even before the players all met up. I, as DM, will do my best to collect the knowledge that has been obtained into this handy dandy note sheet! This is the Adventure Log, the record of ADVENTURE. As such, we will start from the beginning…]

A small detachment of soldiers from the newly-converted prison camp Lybyr were transporting some “undesirables” to Sett, a more reinforced prison camp to the southeast. Among these prisoners were Tarkhun, a battle-hardened Minotaur from the region of Urschl├╝ck; Illrith, a well traveled Ghost Elf cleric; and Ragnarok, a Pseudodragon sorcerer just looking for a friend. Luckily for all of the prisoners, the leaders of a secret rebel group had heard of this transfer and had sent out their best members to free the prisoners Kars’ten, a loner from the elf-like race of Githyanki; her pet red dragon and best friend, Sirrush; and Kole, a mysterious masked man of even more mysterious origins. Though the other prisoners fled, these five warriors fought against the soldiers and were victorious, despite the prisoners’ true capabilities being hampered by cursed bracers. Though Kole was able to locate keys to remove these bracers, Tarkhun had a fourth pair forced upon him during the battle. By a slip of Kole’s fingers, the key broke in the lock, and the bracers sealed. Kole promised to free Tarkhun if he returned to their base with the group, and Tarkhun accepted.

Everyone then headed north toward the western branch of the Scimitar Mountains, guided by Kars. That night, Ragnarok and Kole had a bit of bonding while everyone else slept, though Illrith kept a watchful eye on everyone. The next day they all reached the mountain pass. About halfway through, Kars led them through the face of the mountain to the secret base of the Northern Cyrill Rebellion. There the ex-prisoners met Grawp, a Lizardman who led this branch of rebels. Grawp de-briefed Kars while Kole took Tarkhun to Ersatz, a mostly-sane human inventor, to talk about the bracers. During the debriefing, an excitable halfling named Nonni came in and gave the report: Lord Corvix, of Castle Cyrill, was planning an attack on the city of Grue within the week. Though there were other jobs, Grawp entrusted Kars and Kole to protect Grue. Illrith immediately volunteered to help, and Ragnarok and Tarkhun soon followed suit.



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