Carte Blanche

End of Season 1

The group, having realized that this bundle was none other than the missing Isabelle, decided to return her to her mother. At first, ___ refused to believe the creature was her daughter, but as the sun rose, the girl changed form back to a little girl, and she could only stare on in shock as the group explained the clues back: the scratches upstairs, the wolfsbane around the house, and the blood trail. They also explained, by extension, that she was probably a werewolf as well, but something was preventing her transformations. The story was finally completed as the woman explained about her mother’s tradition of monthly visits to the trees outside of town before her death and the tea that calmed the three of them down—wolfsbane tea, which the mother and daughter had not imbibed the night Isabelle went missing. When Kole asked about the girl’s father, however, the situation got extremely cold, and he only received a cryptic message: He is dangerous, and everyone would be better off without him. With that, she returned upstairs with her daughter, only pausing to quietly thank them all.

The group decided the best course of action would be to head back to the inn and pack up before completing any more loose ends in Grue. While this discussion was happening, Illrith was examining the locket she had taken from Jeremy. After finally managing to get it open, she discovered a picture of a familiar girl and a small key. She removed the key and led the way back, but to her dismay, the inn was unlocked when they arrived! Though most of the group thought nothing of it, merely going straight to their rooms to find their stuff, Kole wasn’t buying it, and investigated. As he approached the corner of the front area, he noticed something moving, and followed it to behind the front counter. As it opened the door behind the counter, Kole went through into Jeremy’s quarters. Fearing for Ragnarok, he rushed down into the cellar, but as he reached to grab her, Google awoke, and tried to take her because of her “shinies.” While Kole was distracted, Ragnarok was snatched out of his hands by the Sorcerer from the battle! He taunted Kole for a bit about his stupidity and his company, but before Kole could react, he was gone, with Ragnarok in tow.

Kole took this unfortunate opportunity to talk with Google, and found out that those at Gnome Home needed him back ASAP. The group completed their shopping and little goals before finally meeting up and deciding to say goodbye to Grue. They began their trek back through the desert to the camp in the mountains, filling Raelyn in along the way on what she should expect. After passing a hole that wasn’t there before, Kole decided to split from the group, much to the suspicion of Kars and the pity of Illrith. He headed to Gnome Home while the rest continued on to the rebel base…

What was left of it. As they entered, the sight that met them was horrid: burnination, of people and things. There were bodies of rebels and Cyrillian Knights alike, but the distribution was not hopeful. The group began searching through the wreckage. Meanwhile, at Gnome Home, Kole discovered that a the tunnels of a giant worm beast had been discovered by the Gnome diggers, and that something matching that description had been seen killing members of some sort of military force by the Gnome scouts. Kole went back to tell the group, with the “blessing” of the Gnomes.



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