Carte Blanche

Cards and Centaurs

While the adventurers were waiting for Kole to finish up with the gnomes, a group of centaurs arrived at the city of Grue after a long run south from their homeland of Cheiron to perform trades. Among these centaurs was one female, Raelyn Sibylmerla, who was sent off from the group to set up room and board for her allies. Despite the size of the town, there was only one real inn, located in the eastern district of Prospit. There she met Jeremy, a kind Human who was more than happy to help a guest, despite some racial faux pas. After a full day of trading and exploring, the centaurs tucked in for the night. The next morning, the centaurs all decided that they would meet back at the inn to leave later that afternoon. Raelin went off to explore the shops on her own, and she soon got lost among the throngs of shoppers. When she heard the clop of a hoof and saw the swish of a tail, she headed for it, walking deeper and deeper into the maze of streets in the western district of Derse.

Meanwhile, Illrith led the party through town, easily passing through the shops and shoppers alike. People gave the strange group a variety of intrigued looks, causing Ragnarok to hide within the folds of Kole’s cloak, but the majority of people stared longest at Illrith. She soon led them to Jeremy’s Inn. As the group walked through the door, Jeremy saw and recognized her. Joyfully surprised, he offered them all free rooms for as long as they needed. Kars asked him how to go about talking to the leaders of the city, and Jeremy pointed them to the Town Hall. The group decided to first get settled in before approaching the council, so they all split up: Kole and Ragnarok going to one room, Tarkhun to his own, and Illrith, Kars, and Sirrush going to the stables to set up a space for Sirrush.

As Kole left the inn to meet up with Kars and Illrith, the sight of a gnome across the street intrigued him, so he decided to tail it. At the same time, Tarkhun looked out the window of his room to see a series of beautiful women go past his window. After he almost broke down the inn’s wall, he ran out of the inn to follow them. Kars, Sirrush, and Illrith saw Tarkhun wandering around and tried to get his attention, but he wouldn’t listen to their pleas, trying to find women that nobody else could see. Instead, Kars and Sirrush decided to follow Tarkhun while Illrith went to follow Kole, who they ran into for a brief moment.

Ragnarok, alone in the inn room, saw a golden pseudodragon fly past her window. Excited, she chased after it and tried reaching out with her mind, only to find that there was nothing to link to, as if the dragon didn’t exist. Panicked, Ragnarok turned to flee when a different presence linked to her, asking her to stop and follow the illusion. Hesitantly, she agreed. The false pseudodragon turned into a ball of light, and they were off.

After following their respective targets through the city streets, Raelyn and Kole came face-to-face in front of a small kiosk in an alley while Ragnarok perched atop a rooftop. Tensions rose as Raelyn’s suspicions mounted, leading to the possibility of a fight. However, the old woman sitting in the kiosk cast Silence, preventing Ragnarok from making any vocal attempts and temporarily stilling Kole and Raelyn. Soon, Tarkhun, Sirrush, Illrith, and Kars were all in the alley too. Before Raelyn could ask any more questions, the old woman began to speak, shuffling a deck of cards.

Everyone gathered around as she began to perform a Tarot Reading. Ragnarok picked up on the fact that this was no normal reading, and her attempt at announcing the fraudulence stopped the woman. However, the cards had been drawn, despite the fortune not being explained, and the fortuneteller determined their fate sealed, causing the rest of the deck to vanish. With a flick of her hands, the cards blanked, then floated to eye level. Ragnarok’s curiosity got the best of her, and she touched the first card, causing it to shatter and a colored light to direct itself at Kole. As the party stared on, confused, Kole proceeded to smash the rest of the cards, causing similar lines of different colors to direct at each person there: Tarkhun, Illrith, Ragnarok, Kars, and finally Raelyn. When the final card shattered, the lights intensified, blinding everyone. Once their senses were regained, the fortuneteller was gone, and the group decided to head back to the inn. When Raelyn returned, she inquired about her compatriots, but Jeremy informed her that they had left without her, due to the late hour. The group offered to host her, and she complied.



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