Carte Blanche

All in the Family-BEGIN

As the group moved to leave, Robyn took them downstairs to the vaults beneath the building. As they watched, she unlocked 2 doors in the middle of a long hallway of similar doors with a master key of some sort. She then left them to collect their loot. After divvying up the spoils, Kole tried to pick a third lock. Naturally, the alarm sounded, and everyone ran out of the building. As Kole, the last one to escape, passed Robyn, he noticed a very obviously pissed expression, but she let them all flee when she heard the Town Council begin to come out from their meeting.

After exiting the Town Hall, the group decided to split up and get some errands done, namely selling their useless loot and buying better stuff from the markets around town. However, while passing the Notice Board in front of Town Hall, Kole met a sad woman who was posting a Missing Person sign. Feeling bad, especially after his bungle at Town Hall, he left the others to shop while he helped this woman.

She told him that her daughter Content Not Found: isabelle_ went missing the previous night while she had slept. Kole explored the house to search for clues. Meanwhile, the others were going about their business: Raelyn left town to explore the woods and replenish her arrow supply, Kars went to Prospit’s blacksmith, _Content Not Found: smith, to use his crafting tools and sell Sirrush’s “treasure trove” from the battle, and Tarkhun led Illrith to Gnarl’s Weapon Shop back in Derse. While Illrith shopped, Tarkhun finally asked Gnarl about the bracers. Gnarl was unable to give a definitive answer, but did manage to reveal that magical creations that drain tend to have a counterpart that absorbs. With that, he shooed the two out of his store so he could close up shop. Confused, the two obliged. Eventually, everyone else managed to meet up, when a gnome rushed into them, calling himself Google and looking for Kole. With a bit of assistance from the group and a mysterious gem, he succeeded in leading them to Kole.

When they arrived, they found Kole stumped on what exactly occurred in the house, as clues were not lining up and ___ was being less than helpful. Tarkhun and Sirrush were left outside as the rest of the group headed in to help Kole where they could, with Kole, Kars, and Illrith continuing investigation and Raelyn trying to talk to ___. While Kole was looking at something, Illrith attempted to tear off his mask, leading to a very tense showdown. Google’s attempts to talk to Kole did nothing to soothe the situation. A shout of “I’M TARKHUN I’M HELPING” led the group to run outside just as the sun began to set. Below a window the group found broken glass and a few drops of blood. Raelyn, Tarkhun and Kole ran ahead while Kars, Sirrush and Illrith lagged behind. Raelyn soon found a grove of trees, (unbeknownst to her, the same grove she had gotten lost in earlier that day) which she quickly entered, leaving the others behind.



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