Carte Blanche

End of Season 1

The group, having realized that this bundle was none other than the missing Isabelle, decided to return her to her mother. At first, ___ refused to believe the creature was her daughter, but as the sun rose, the girl changed form back to a little girl, and she could only stare on in shock as the group explained the clues back: the scratches upstairs, the wolfsbane around the house, and the blood trail. They also explained, by extension, that she was probably a werewolf as well, but something was preventing her transformations. The story was finally completed as the woman explained about her mother’s tradition of monthly visits to the trees outside of town before her death and the tea that calmed the three of them down—wolfsbane tea, which the mother and daughter had not imbibed the night Isabelle went missing. When Kole asked about the girl’s father, however, the situation got extremely cold, and he only received a cryptic message: He is dangerous, and everyone would be better off without him. With that, she returned upstairs with her daughter, only pausing to quietly thank them all.

The group decided the best course of action would be to head back to the inn and pack up before completing any more loose ends in Grue. While this discussion was happening, Illrith was examining the locket she had taken from Jeremy. After finally managing to get it open, she discovered a picture of a familiar girl and a small key. She removed the key and led the way back, but to her dismay, the inn was unlocked when they arrived! Though most of the group thought nothing of it, merely going straight to their rooms to find their stuff, Kole wasn’t buying it, and investigated. As he approached the corner of the front area, he noticed something moving, and followed it to behind the front counter. As it opened the door behind the counter, Kole went through into Jeremy’s quarters. Fearing for Ragnarok, he rushed down into the cellar, but as he reached to grab her, Google awoke, and tried to take her because of her “shinies.” While Kole was distracted, Ragnarok was snatched out of his hands by the Sorcerer from the battle! He taunted Kole for a bit about his stupidity and his company, but before Kole could react, he was gone, with Ragnarok in tow.

Kole took this unfortunate opportunity to talk with Google, and found out that those at Gnome Home needed him back ASAP. The group completed their shopping and little goals before finally meeting up and deciding to say goodbye to Grue. They began their trek back through the desert to the camp in the mountains, filling Raelyn in along the way on what she should expect. After passing a hole that wasn’t there before, Kole decided to split from the group, much to the suspicion of Kars and the pity of Illrith. He headed to Gnome Home while the rest continued on to the rebel base…

What was left of it. As they entered, the sight that met them was horrid: burnination, of people and things. There were bodies of rebels and Cyrillian Knights alike, but the distribution was not hopeful. The group began searching through the wreckage. Meanwhile, at Gnome Home, Kole discovered that a the tunnels of a giant worm beast had been discovered by the Gnome diggers, and that something matching that description had been seen killing members of some sort of military force by the Gnome scouts. Kole went back to tell the group, with the “blessing” of the Gnomes.

Wolves in the Woods

Separately, Raelyn tracked the blood trail through the darkened trees, not realizing just how far the group was behind her. The others all managed to follow the same path, but just barely. Everyone heard growlings and saw things moving through the trees, but nobody was able to get a read on exactly what was going on. After a bit of trekking, Raelyn managed to reach what seemed to be the center of the grove: a clearing ringed by trees and hungry looking wolf-like creatures, with what appeared to be a yellow puff of fur in the middle. Noting that the creatures weren’t attacking, Raelyn took a hesitant step forward, into the clearing, then another, until she was close enough to examine the puffball up close. By this point, the rest of the group had caught up, and Illrith began to magically examine the region to determine why the wolf-creatures weren’t attacking. Just then, the creatures ran at Raelyn and the puffball, which turned out to be a blonde wolf cub. The rest of the group jumped in to help Raelyn fight off the attackers, and Illrith as well after she determined that some sort of Abjuration had been present before the group arrived and interfered.

After a tough battle against the pack, there were only a corpses and a few dazed creatures (thanks to Google) left, so the group made their escape… Only to realize a few minutes in that they were all going in a completely incorrect direction. Thankfully, they realized their mistake quickly, and managed to find the trail of blood droplets back to edge of town, just as the moon began to set.

All in the Family-BEGIN

As the group moved to leave, Robyn took them downstairs to the vaults beneath the building. As they watched, she unlocked 2 doors in the middle of a long hallway of similar doors with a master key of some sort. She then left them to collect their loot. After divvying up the spoils, Kole tried to pick a third lock. Naturally, the alarm sounded, and everyone ran out of the building. As Kole, the last one to escape, passed Robyn, he noticed a very obviously pissed expression, but she let them all flee when she heard the Town Council begin to come out from their meeting.

After exiting the Town Hall, the group decided to split up and get some errands done, namely selling their useless loot and buying better stuff from the markets around town. However, while passing the Notice Board in front of Town Hall, Kole met a sad woman who was posting a Missing Person sign. Feeling bad, especially after his bungle at Town Hall, he left the others to shop while he helped this woman.

She told him that her daughter Content Not Found: isabelle_ went missing the previous night while she had slept. Kole explored the house to search for clues. Meanwhile, the others were going about their business: Raelyn left town to explore the woods and replenish her arrow supply, Kars went to Prospit’s blacksmith, _Content Not Found: smith, to use his crafting tools and sell Sirrush’s “treasure trove” from the battle, and Tarkhun led Illrith to Gnarl’s Weapon Shop back in Derse. While Illrith shopped, Tarkhun finally asked Gnarl about the bracers. Gnarl was unable to give a definitive answer, but did manage to reveal that magical creations that drain tend to have a counterpart that absorbs. With that, he shooed the two out of his store so he could close up shop. Confused, the two obliged. Eventually, everyone else managed to meet up, when a gnome rushed into them, calling himself Google and looking for Kole. With a bit of assistance from the group and a mysterious gem, he succeeded in leading them to Kole.

When they arrived, they found Kole stumped on what exactly occurred in the house, as clues were not lining up and ___ was being less than helpful. Tarkhun and Sirrush were left outside as the rest of the group headed in to help Kole where they could, with Kole, Kars, and Illrith continuing investigation and Raelyn trying to talk to ___. While Kole was looking at something, Illrith attempted to tear off his mask, leading to a very tense showdown. Google’s attempts to talk to Kole did nothing to soothe the situation. A shout of “I’M TARKHUN I’M HELPING” led the group to run outside just as the sun began to set. Below a window the group found broken glass and a few drops of blood. Raelyn, Tarkhun and Kole ran ahead while Kars, Sirrush and Illrith lagged behind. Raelyn soon found a grove of trees, (unbeknownst to her, the same grove she had gotten lost in earlier that day) which she quickly entered, leaving the others behind.

The Big Battle

Unlike the previous night, everyone slept very peacefully, except for Kole, who instead chose to keep watch over Raelyn and Ragnarok. As the sun rose, the party awakened. All, except for Ragnarok. Though Kole attempted to awaken the little one, he only failed. The rest of the group didn’t seem to mind too much though, so they went outside. Kole tried to get Kars to help before she left, but Sirrush eyed the little morsel, so Kars rushed the hungry boy out and away. Kole then finds a battle-ready Jeremy, who takes her to the cellar for protection. Kole and Jeremy then leave the inn, which Jeremy locks behind them. Before they leave, Illrith asks Jeremy about who else will be aiding in the fight, and Jeremy says their two allies will be waiting for them. Tarkhun tries to “recruit” citizens to help defend the town, but Illrith talks him down, and everyone heads to the southern edge of town.

When they get out of town, they see two familiar figures: Gnarl, the magic weapon shopkeep, and Robyn, the secretary for the Town Council. After the initial shock of not having much help, the group noticed that a wave of smoke was heading towards them: The military was coming, and the fire that came with them. The force came in waves, but the group held them off fairly easily. Until the last round. Along with more footsoldiers and archers were two men that stood out: a cocky Sorcerer and a stoic Soldier, who obviously led the troops. The sorcerer taunted the group, asking about the missing Pseudodragon. While Raelyn hid so as to not reveal herself to these new enemies, Tarkhun slammed the sorcerer, who then pulled out a scroll and vanished. The Soldier then pulled out a black card and summoned the Chariot Arcana, creating a black aura that surrounded him and his allies that caused most attacks to miss. After a long battle, Kars managed to slice through the aura, killing the soldier.

As Kars watched, a white card materialized and floated toward her, and she grabbed it, tucking it away. Illrith ran back to Jeremy as everyone started looting the fallen bodies and cut out Jeremy’s heart, placing it in a jar with some preserving salts. After taking some personal effects, she cremated his body in the wall of flame the sorcerer left behind. Robyn seemed especially torn up about it, so Gnarl decided to escort her back to town.

After everyone was done collecting, they headed back to Grue as well, passing Jeremy’s Inn along the way. They soon arrived at the Town Hall, where Gnarl and Robyn were reporting to the Mayor and his Council. The mayor was overjoyed at their success granting them each a (rather small) amount of gold as recompense. As they prepared to exit, however, Robyn called them to her desk, telling them she had a real reward for them, as she knew Jeremy would have wanted.


[I’m actually a bit fuzzy on the order of some stuff here, but if you guys remember something specific, let me know and I’ll fix it.]

While Illrith tranced and Kars and Sirrush slept peacefully, the rest of the group did not. Tarkhun dreamed about the day he was captured, Ragnarok dreamed about finding a mate, and Raelyn dreamed about the Great Tree. Kole, like the nights before, did not sleep, instead choosing to explore the inn and the surrounding area in the night. In the bookstore, Kole found a book, History of Grue, which gleaned useful knowledge on how the group could win over the Town Council. Raelyn, who sporadically woke up through the night, witnessed Kole leave, and subsequently re-enter, the room. Figuring something was up, she watched as Kole tucked Ragnarok in, petting her a bit. Growing bored, she went back to sleep. At that point, Tarkhun’s, Raelyn’s, and Ragnarok’s dreams all grew very strange, with each of them seeing and breaking some sort of glowing colored rune before falling into an endless void.

The three dreamers woke up screaming, waking Kars and Sirrush. Illrith, who had already finished her trance, ran to check on Tarkhun, while Kole tried to calm Ragnarok and Raelyn. Though the minotaur settled down relatively quickly, the pseudodragon and the centaur were about ready to kill each other. However, when Ragnarok tried to threaten Raelyn, both through mind speak and through her native Draconian language, she found she could not. Though she could still communicate mentally to Kole, she lost many of her mental powers and could suddenly only speak in Common. Raelyn and Kole both guessed it had something to do with the symbol that appeared on her forehead overnight.

After everyone relaxed, they all decided to head straight to Town Hall. Raelyn hung back with a cover, though, and slipped away, hoping to catch up to her original party. Unfortunately, she soon came across signs of a fight which she followed into a nearby patch of trees. There she found one of her compatriots, dead, being eaten by a lone harpy. Though Raelyn tried to fight it, the harpy soon screeched for backup, and Raelyn had to retreat.

While this was happening, the rest of the group arrived and entered Town Hall. The entryway was spacious, but empty. At the other end was a desk between two sets of stairs leading to a landing with large, oaken double doors. Behind the desk sat a young secretary named Robyn, who tried to tell the group that the Town Council was in session, so they could not enter. The party disregarded her, however, instead barging into the meeting in the most dramatic way possible. Shocked by their entrance and appearance, the Council, composed of the Mayor and two representatives from each of the districts of Prospit and Derse, allowed them to present their case. After some time, the council seemed very torn, with Prospit wanting to protect the citizens without fighting and Derse wanting to fight but not trusting the “outsiders”. Together, Illrith and Kars finally were able to convince the Council to warn the citizens to hide while asking for volunteers to fight.

Happy with their success, but knowing they needed to prepare, the group split up to buy some supplies, with Tarkhun, Ragnarok, and Kole heading to Derse, and Illrith and Kars going back to Prospit. The two women examined potions, oils, and some weaponry, but couldn’t buy much and quickly finished. They soon ran into Raelyn while out and about, and the three went back to the inn, Sirrush grumbling all the while. The others had a more…interesting afternoon.

Kole told his comrades that he had seen at least one magical gear shop while being led around by the illusion the day before. They soon arrived at an accessory shop, but the proprietor was well more than drunk, soon passing out after welcoming them in. Ragnarok noticed his magical accessories and advised Kole on stealing his rings and amulet before the three left. Down the road was another shop, this time specializing in weaponry. Inside they met Gnarl, the Lizardfolk proprietor. While Gnarl attempted to find weapons suitable for the size-varied group, Kole’s and Ragnarok’s eyes were again caught by the glittering displays. As Gnarl went to the back room to look up information on Tarkhun’s bracers, the other two attempted to pick the locks to two separate displays. Kole was successful, quickly casting invisibility on his prize sword; Ragnarok was not so lucky, triggering a trap that held her entire foreleg to the lock. Gnarl kicked them all out, furious at the attempt. Kole sent the other two back to the inn before re-entering. After “suggesting” an apology, he and Gnarl briefly talked about swords and history before Kole finally headed back.

When everyone had finally returned, the group quickly discussed plans for the coming day. A battle was afoot, but the group was still in disagreement about actually fighting. Deciding they would determine the threat in the morning, everyone headed for bed. In a last ditch effort to remove the bracers, Kole tested his new blade, and by luck managed to activate its powers: lightning. Though the spectacle amazed Tarkhun, it did more harm than good, as attacking the bracers had the same effect as Tarkhun’s attempts, so the two separated for the night.

Cards and Centaurs

While the adventurers were waiting for Kole to finish up with the gnomes, a group of centaurs arrived at the city of Grue after a long run south from their homeland of Cheiron to perform trades. Among these centaurs was one female, Raelyn Sibylmerla, who was sent off from the group to set up room and board for her allies. Despite the size of the town, there was only one real inn, located in the eastern district of Prospit. There she met Jeremy, a kind Human who was more than happy to help a guest, despite some racial faux pas. After a full day of trading and exploring, the centaurs tucked in for the night. The next morning, the centaurs all decided that they would meet back at the inn to leave later that afternoon. Raelin went off to explore the shops on her own, and she soon got lost among the throngs of shoppers. When she heard the clop of a hoof and saw the swish of a tail, she headed for it, walking deeper and deeper into the maze of streets in the western district of Derse.

Meanwhile, Illrith led the party through town, easily passing through the shops and shoppers alike. People gave the strange group a variety of intrigued looks, causing Ragnarok to hide within the folds of Kole’s cloak, but the majority of people stared longest at Illrith. She soon led them to Jeremy’s Inn. As the group walked through the door, Jeremy saw and recognized her. Joyfully surprised, he offered them all free rooms for as long as they needed. Kars asked him how to go about talking to the leaders of the city, and Jeremy pointed them to the Town Hall. The group decided to first get settled in before approaching the council, so they all split up: Kole and Ragnarok going to one room, Tarkhun to his own, and Illrith, Kars, and Sirrush going to the stables to set up a space for Sirrush.

As Kole left the inn to meet up with Kars and Illrith, the sight of a gnome across the street intrigued him, so he decided to tail it. At the same time, Tarkhun looked out the window of his room to see a series of beautiful women go past his window. After he almost broke down the inn’s wall, he ran out of the inn to follow them. Kars, Sirrush, and Illrith saw Tarkhun wandering around and tried to get his attention, but he wouldn’t listen to their pleas, trying to find women that nobody else could see. Instead, Kars and Sirrush decided to follow Tarkhun while Illrith went to follow Kole, who they ran into for a brief moment.

Ragnarok, alone in the inn room, saw a golden pseudodragon fly past her window. Excited, she chased after it and tried reaching out with her mind, only to find that there was nothing to link to, as if the dragon didn’t exist. Panicked, Ragnarok turned to flee when a different presence linked to her, asking her to stop and follow the illusion. Hesitantly, she agreed. The false pseudodragon turned into a ball of light, and they were off.

After following their respective targets through the city streets, Raelyn and Kole came face-to-face in front of a small kiosk in an alley while Ragnarok perched atop a rooftop. Tensions rose as Raelyn’s suspicions mounted, leading to the possibility of a fight. However, the old woman sitting in the kiosk cast Silence, preventing Ragnarok from making any vocal attempts and temporarily stilling Kole and Raelyn. Soon, Tarkhun, Sirrush, Illrith, and Kars were all in the alley too. Before Raelyn could ask any more questions, the old woman began to speak, shuffling a deck of cards.

Everyone gathered around as she began to perform a Tarot Reading. Ragnarok picked up on the fact that this was no normal reading, and her attempt at announcing the fraudulence stopped the woman. However, the cards had been drawn, despite the fortune not being explained, and the fortuneteller determined their fate sealed, causing the rest of the deck to vanish. With a flick of her hands, the cards blanked, then floated to eye level. Ragnarok’s curiosity got the best of her, and she touched the first card, causing it to shatter and a colored light to direct itself at Kole. As the party stared on, confused, Kole proceeded to smash the rest of the cards, causing similar lines of different colors to direct at each person there: Tarkhun, Illrith, Ragnarok, Kars, and finally Raelyn. When the final card shattered, the lights intensified, blinding everyone. Once their senses were regained, the fortuneteller was gone, and the group decided to head back to the inn. When Raelyn returned, she inquired about her compatriots, but Jeremy informed her that they had left without her, due to the late hour. The group offered to host her, and she complied.

The "Road" to Grue

Grawp and Nonni gave the new allies the lowdown on the mission they had selected: Get to Grue and protect it before the military arrived in four days time. The force would be a collective from both Lybyr‘s and Frille’s excess prison guards, as well as support from Cyrill Castle Town and Cyrill Castle. As a result, the castle guard would be at high alert, so Nonni advised strongly against any immediate counter attack. Grawp stressed the importance of preventing the downfall of the last city of Cyrill before sending the group on its way.

The group now had two options. They could go back south through Cyrill to Grue, or they could take the northern route through the Lainirian Desert. Both paths would provide protection from one direction due to their adjacency to the mountains. However, the former path would take less time, only a day and a half instead of a full two days, while the latter path would avoid the possibility of an ambush by Cyrillian military, as most other beings avoided the desert entirely. Kars, taking the lead, decided on the path through the desert, and the group marched on.

The trek itself was easy traveling, despite the heat. Kole, however, knew something was amiss, though he kept his suspicions to himself. While the party slept, Kole again kept watch. As he suspected, a small band of gnomes approached, begging him to come with them. Torn, he went to ask leave by Kars, but the gnomes’ curiosity about the “strange creatures” got the better of them as they waited, waking the rest of the party (except Tarkhun) in the process. While the rest of the party stayed behind to rest and recover a bit more, Kole followed the gnomes to Gnome Home, a base of operations and home for all of the gnomes built into a hole in the mountains. Kole spoke to the Gnome King, who promised to help Kole with a personal matter if Kole promised to stay with the gnomes. Kole could not make that promise and told GK about Grue and the problems in Cyrill. He conceded to Kole, instead giving him a sphere that would allow his people to find Kole when they needed him, and Kole accepted. Kole then left to return to his allies, but not before attempting to “be the king of the gnomes,” much to the true Gnome King’s amusement.

When Kole arrived back later that afternoon, the party picked up camp and marched through the night. Soon, the sand was becoming more moist, the mountains fell away, and the grass of the Lainirian Grasslands could be felt beneath hooves, claws, and boots alike. Within hours, the sun was rising on the city of Grue.

In the beginning...

[A lot of stuff has happened in this world, even before the players all met up. I, as DM, will do my best to collect the knowledge that has been obtained into this handy dandy note sheet! This is the Adventure Log, the record of ADVENTURE. As such, we will start from the beginning…]

A small detachment of soldiers from the newly-converted prison camp Lybyr were transporting some “undesirables” to Sett, a more reinforced prison camp to the southeast. Among these prisoners were Tarkhun, a battle-hardened Minotaur from the region of Urschl├╝ck; Illrith, a well traveled Ghost Elf cleric; and Ragnarok, a Pseudodragon sorcerer just looking for a friend. Luckily for all of the prisoners, the leaders of a secret rebel group had heard of this transfer and had sent out their best members to free the prisoners Kars’ten, a loner from the elf-like race of Githyanki; her pet red dragon and best friend, Sirrush; and Kole, a mysterious masked man of even more mysterious origins. Though the other prisoners fled, these five warriors fought against the soldiers and were victorious, despite the prisoners’ true capabilities being hampered by cursed bracers. Though Kole was able to locate keys to remove these bracers, Tarkhun had a fourth pair forced upon him during the battle. By a slip of Kole’s fingers, the key broke in the lock, and the bracers sealed. Kole promised to free Tarkhun if he returned to their base with the group, and Tarkhun accepted.

Everyone then headed north toward the western branch of the Scimitar Mountains, guided by Kars. That night, Ragnarok and Kole had a bit of bonding while everyone else slept, though Illrith kept a watchful eye on everyone. The next day they all reached the mountain pass. About halfway through, Kars led them through the face of the mountain to the secret base of the Northern Cyrill Rebellion. There the ex-prisoners met Grawp, a Lizardman who led this branch of rebels. Grawp de-briefed Kars while Kole took Tarkhun to Ersatz, a mostly-sane human inventor, to talk about the bracers. During the debriefing, an excitable halfling named Nonni came in and gave the report: Lord Corvix, of Castle Cyrill, was planning an attack on the city of Grue within the week. Though there were other jobs, Grawp entrusted Kars and Kole to protect Grue. Illrith immediately volunteered to help, and Ragnarok and Tarkhun soon followed suit.

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